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Climate and freshwater

How climate change affects freshwater uses

Freshwater ecosystems

Freshwater ecosystems, (lakes, man-made reservoirs or wetlands, rivers and creeks and ground water) have suffered more from human actions than marine ecosystems. 

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Saving energy: A little effort from each of us will help.

Energy conservation

It is sickening that we are using massive resources campaigning for, researching and finding new green or renewable energy, in a bid to bail ourselves when the fossil fuels run out. This is the same issue we have with food, that we are now 

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Concerns about Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing)

What is fracking

This is a technology involving the use of slick water, pumped deep down into the earth at high pressure to release gas and oil from shale rock. Slick water is water with some specific amounts of ‘proppant’ a sand-like material and other chemicals that 

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