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Land Pollution

It is estimated that the average American produces about 4.5pounds of trash daily. And the amount of conventional pesticide used in 2006 and 2007 totaled 821 and 857 million pounds of active ingredient, respectively. — Pesticides Industry...

Land pollution

Air Pollution

Whenever there is an introduction of gasses, sand or dust particles, soot, fumes, odors, or any substance into the atmosphere or air (indoors or outdoors) in a way that distorts the natural composition of the air, and has negative...

Air Pollution

Water Pollution

Water pollution effects

It’s just hard to believe that the earth’s 70% or so of water can all get polluted in a way that we will all die someday as a result. On the face of it, its absurd, but looking at the figures carefully, we have a real case on our hands. Water sustains life. Water ...

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