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Big players in air pollution

Air pollution in cities

One fact about pollution is that the biggest culprits tend to be very big industries owned by very powerful individuals with links to political groups. Sometimes it is difficult to identify if any, the measures or sanctions 

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Fukushima nuclear plant leaks

You remember the 2011 tsunami that devastated Japan? Yah! There was Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant that was affected and has been leaking every now and again. Last week (20 Feb 2014) around 100 tonnes of highly radioactive water is believed to have leaked from a storage tank. It is unsure if this leakage reached the sea. The leak is thought to have occurred after a storage tank overflowed.

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Near 'Real-Time' deforestation watch

Keeping watch over the forests

‘Find out what is happening in forests right now’ says Global Forest Watch. Backed by Google and over 40 businesses and campaign groups, GFW has launched a new global monitoring system that will provide us all with information on 

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