About Enviropol

This site is managed by a team of environmental lovers. The articles on this website have been put together with the aim of informing the general public, especially young adults about the threats our planet faces today. We have a keen interest in reading widely about all the subject matters on the site, and we keep a close eye on reports from authorized bodies, as well as leading media groups. We do not just read and assume the accuracy of the materials we read. We often do further research and try to get a very close, or general consensus on the subject.

In addition to this, we hope to engage the public in an ongoing discussion, which is the second phase of the website. We shall put forward topics, ideas and theories and get our readers to discuss and give opinions about them. The ideas are to get our readers to have a sense of ownership of the environments in which they live and try to bring people together to work on making the environment healthier for the common good of all.

This website is funded by the charity of friends and family. Please ensure that you have read our terms and conditions before you use the site.