Prevention and control

Unfortunately, air pollution is still going on in all corners of the world, especially in developed cities and industrialized regions. This is because the things that emit pollutants into the air are actions that are hard to control. Automobiles, energy production, manufacturing and the like, are all things that we heavily depend on to make our lives more comfortable.

Policy and Laws

Government legislature, laws and guidelines are usually effective in getting industries to reduce the amounts of pollution they cause. Environmental activists and bodies have also done a remarkable job in getting people educated about environmental issues and what individuals can do to help.

In some places, strategy and policy are used to measure and address air quality threats, and to alert people of risks and dangerous emissions. Investments are made into equipment’s, education, public awareness and systems that constantly evaluate the air and send alert and signals to the appropriate authorities for action to be taken.


Planting and protecting trees, shrubs and grass help clean the air by absorbing some gases such as carbon dioxide. Vegetation also helps reduce runoff and slows down polluted water getting into water bodies.


Lifestyle changes can help in the long run in fighting pollution. The more we reduce our dependence on energy and material things, less need there will be for industries to produce. Recycling and re-using things, for example, means the less raw material will be processed in these industries. This is true for many other environmental problems, they are all related to human dependence on them.